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Directional confidence to adulthood without the stress

Voyager College Planning offers personalized college guidance and academic life coaching in preparation for success in high school, college, and beyond. We excel when working with gifted and talented students, students with learning challenges, creatives and artists, international students and recent immigrants. 

Successful College Student winning!


Ready to start planning your journey from high school to college or from college to graduate school?

Then, you're in the right place.


We cover every stage of your journey from :

Academic Tutoring

Personal Statements


Test  Prep

College Application


College Planning

Grades 8-12 and Adults 

Graduate Admissions


Transferring from One College to Another 

Gap Year & Semester


Save Time

Peace in the Home

Build Confidence

Why start your college journey alone?

Frustrated school counselor

Worried about saving money?

Procrastination can cost more in the end by limiting opportunities for scholarships. 

Cultivate confidence for your journey.

Directional insecurity can kill confidence when you need to perform for the next level.

Develop a well-planned timeline.

Unfocused path that leads to 6 years of study instead of 4, which only increases the total cost of getting your degree.

Seleena Harkness-Lee
Coach Training EDU

Hi, I'm Seleena!

I know how it feels to be lost in the college admissions process. When I think about how much I longed for mentorship, coaching, guidance, and accountability while I was beginning my college admissions process, I realize how powerful providing such opportunities for students can be. After all, this process culminates in one of the biggest financial and life choices a young person faces. It does not have to be a struggle or a random decision.


With over twenty years as an educator, college professor, and–now–an Associate Certified Life Coach, college planner, and educational consultant, I have been privileged to help hundreds of students successfully prepare and submit successful applications for college and graduate school. As a former professional stage performer, I specialize in working with artists and creatives–especially performing artists–preparing portfolios. With a decade of experience in international education, I thrive working with international students from Japan and China who are interested in studying in the US, Canada, Japan, and Europe. I connect with Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, and other Indigenous students pursuing higher education.

Originally from the New York City area, I am proud to be a global citizen bridging and moving among different cultures. I am proud to have inherited such rich cultural knowledge and wisdom from the places I've called home. Although I am now bicoastal–based in Honolulu, San Francisco, and Montclair, NJ, I work with students anywhere in the world.

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The Path to a Fulfilling Career Starts Now. At the Beginning of Your Journey...

Peace in the house

No more, "I told her the same thing, but she didn't listen to me." Fall in line with 3rd party guidance.

Insider's Info

Follow an expert playbook with secrets that can only come from experience.

Best Match Schools

Emphasis on 'best match' school not the perceived best schools.

Strong application

Craft a strong application that gets you in the first time!


Find your true career path and potential new areas of study.

Save time

Save time by having your deadlines tracked and expert coaching.

Successful and happy college student

Her exceptional patience and toughness led me to trust her work ethic and her accountability led me to be accepted by several universities."

Simple 4-Step Program to Success

1-Discovery icon.png

Discovery Call

Land on your ideal college and career path.

2-strategy icon.png

Strategy Session

Learn admission strategies and secrets.

3-Build Plan Icon.png

Build a Plan

Build a winning application and testing plan.


Execution & Accountability

Work the plan, receive coaching and strike your goal on time!

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Seleena Harkness-Lee

"Through supportive mentorship, "tough love", and a flexible curriculum, I'm committed to guiding students through the process of learning about themselves so that they can successfully apply to best-fit colleges while developing the academic preparedness needed to be ready for college and beyond."

- Seleena Harkness-Lee

What People Say

Grad Scene 1000.jpg

Maria Failano

When it comes to college prep and advising, Seleena helped make it happen. She helped me and my daughter tremendously by coaching her throughout the process. 

With Seleena's valuable knowledge, experience, and expertise, she guided her step by step from the moment we started to when she finally decided which college to accept.

Overall, we wouldn't have successfully succeeded if it wasn't for her. Seleena's service is definitely worth it!

Grad Scene 1000.jpg

Jane Stephens Fyrberg, M.D

Seleena Harkness-Lee in a word is awesome!

As parents overwhelmed with the daunting college process, she was calming, reassuring, totally knowledgeable, encouraging, and opened our minds and our child's to all possibilities, while at the same time giving us realistic expectations.

With our child she exuded enthusiasm, warmth, energy, interest, and always went the extra mile for him and then some!

She organized our child's thoughts and guided him through the application process and essay writing by giving him steps he could accomplish one at a time without feeling totally overloaded.

Shinnosuke Nomura

Bachelor of Architecture, 2025

English is not my first language. She helped refine my essays as well as fixing my grammatical errors.

She game me confidence and supported when I was in a tough and rough situations trying to overcome tasks, tests and applications for entering college. 

She was always there to give me suggestions of how to choose the criteria and to understand the importance of choosing the right environment to achieve my ultimate path.


Seleena has helped me not only choose the right school of my dreams, but also how to handle college life by way of her tremendous treasures of experience. Could not have come this far without her.

Grad girl sm.jpg

Victoria Tan

Seleena Harkness-Lee helped me with college prep and college counseling. Seleena really taught me the importance of picking the right college instead of a famous one.

Me and my family never done any research into standardized tests, so Seleena helped me improve my SAT and ACT scores. She has done a remarkable job at helping me with college applications by checking and revising my essays so that I do not make mistakes and helped me make my points clear.

... Now I get to go to a college of my choice and I know I will enjoy the next four years thanks to Seleena. 

Chris Ferry

ELD Program Dir./ Mid-Pacific Institute

Seleena has been working with our students for the past few years. Every student that has worked with her has shown accelerated academic progress, and students have always shared positive feelings about working with Seleena.

Seleena has provided excellent academic support while building supportive, positive relationships with students.

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FREE Test Dates Organizer 

SAT & ACT test dates for 2021 school year PDF.


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