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Voyager College Planning


Covering every stage of your journey!

College Planning Packages

Students and families who are interested in additional one-on-one private advising beyond and in addition to the support provided by their schools can benefit from having a private college admissions consultant on their team.


Our programs are a great fit for families seeking private guidance, mentorship, and accountability–in addition to the services provided by their schools. Tailored for students in grades 8 - 12, students seeking to transfer from one college to another, and those planning to apply for Master’s degree programs, our college planning packages.


The comprehensive package includes application essays, personal statements, interviews, resumes, creative portfolios, and basic gap semester and year planning.


Comprehensive College Advising programs are weekly or twice-a-month one-on-one sessions including professional advice, planning, and coaching throughout the application process.

Student college planning
Student writing admissions essay

Test Prep Tutoring 
One-on-One SAT/ACT/TOEFL Instruction

Private sessions and strategies for the PSAT, SAT, ACT, and TOEFL exams are offered according to your schedule and availability with a special focus on reading, writing and language, English, and science. 

Each expert lesson is conducted online with ALOHA. 

Voyager's Personal Statement & Application Essay Sessions
A Standalone One-on-One Writing and Coaching Package

Students applying to college–both undergraduate and graduate programs–benefit from the support of a coach that can guide them through the planning and drafting phases of the writing process without the stress. 

These packages include the brainstorming, planning and outlining, and draft editing of the personal statement–the centerpiece of a strong college or graduate school application–via one-on-one Zoom sessions. Depending on your timeline and packing, these packages can be completed in as few as six weeks or as many of twelve weeks. ​

The Voyager College Planning writing program includes a workbook and curriculum based on elements of the Wow Method, Wow Writing Workshop's ten-step process for writing college application essays . We are excited to offer you the opportunity to develop a personal statement that grabs the attention of your readers while revealing your truth. 

Personal Statement Writing, Editing, and Coaching; College Essay Writing, Graduate School, Application essay
Adult Students

Mona King

Owner, Island Homestay

Seleena takes an easy approach and has an effective way of helping both high school and college aged students improve their English. My homestay foreign students have benefited from her tutoring and improved on their TOEFL scores. Thank you, Ms. Seleena.

Diana McKibbin

Teacher, Punahou School

When it comes to college prep and advising, Seleena helped make it happen. She helped me and my daughter tremendously by coaching her throughout the process. With Seleena’s valuable knowledge, experience, and expertise, she guided her step by step from the moment we started to when she finally decided which college to accept. Overall, we wouldn’t have successfully succeeded if it wasn’t for her. Seleena’s service is definitely worth it!

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