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ACT 2020 - 8 Practice Tests  (2020)


Preparing for the ACT? This comprehensive, up-to-date guide provides a specific, proven prep program to help you do your best on the test. McGraw-Hill Education’s ACT 2020 is packed with everything you need to prepare for the ACT’s four achievement tests: English, reading, math, and science. You’ll find simple, proven techniques to help you study more efficiently, avoid common mistakes and traps, and raise your score across the board―even on the optional writing test. A diagnostic test is also included so that you can assess your readiness. 

This edition includes 8 practice tests, additional expanded explanations across all question types, and a helpful new index of questions types that makes it easy to find what you need in the book. 

This updated, essential study guide features: 

•8 full-length practice exams (5 in the book and 3 online)
•A complete ACT course online with daily progress reports, flashcards, games, and more
•Classroom-tested tips and strategies for mastering every question type
•Fully-explained answers to the practice questions
•New: Expanded index of question types
•New: Expanded explanations across all question types

ACT 2020 - 8 Practice Tests

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