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The Official ACT Science Guide is the only test prep resource created by the makers of the ACT to prepare you for the science ACT test. This step-by-step guide reviews the entire ACT science test, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the types of questions you can expect to see on test day. You'll learn the vocabulary and skills you need to know, as well as how to approach each question type. Learn how to understand graphs and charts, see in-depth examples, and read explanations of each question’s answer to improve your performance and gain the confidence you need to succeed!

Additionally, the book includes a PIN on the inside front cover that provides access to the full print version and pool of questions online. This offers a customizable learning experience.

With The Official ACT Science Guide helps you work toward the score you're targeting and take one major step toward achieving your educational goals!

Understand the detailed breakdown of each science reporting category
Learn how to quickly and efficiently read graphs, charts, and data
Review the science vocabulary section with words you should know to succeed
Study in-depth examples of each passage type using official ACT samples
See detailed solutions and explanations for every official ACT science question in the book
With this concept-based guide straight from the makers of the ACT, you know you’re preparing to do your absolute best on the ACT science section test!

The Official ACT Science Guide (2020)

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