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Stars Package

  • Stars - VIP

    One-Time Payment - 42 Meetings/Year
    Valid for one year
    • Career and Major Exploration
    • College List Development
    • SAT/ACT/TOEFL Assessment and Planning
    • Personality and Aptitude Assessments
    • College Essay Workshop
    • Application Workshop
    • Financial Aid Workshop
    • Navigating High School Course Selection
    • Resume and Activity List Development
    • College Essay Coaching
    • Academic Coaching and Grade Check
    • Creative Portfolio Development for Artists
    • Summer and/or Gap Semester or Year Planning
    • Acceptance Package Assessments
    • Resume and Activity List
    • Ideal for Students Targeting the Most Competitive Colleges
    • Ideal for Students with Learning Differences
    • Support for up to 20 Applications
Service Agreement and Policies:
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